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Meet Dr. Rachel

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Women's Health

Dr. Rachel Aronson opened Core Elements Physical Therapy in 2015. Born from the passion and commitment to bringing focused, thoughtful, and supportive care to Womens Health issues. After my own experiences with pregnancy and birth left me feeling depleted, and coming face to face with the lack of care options available to women, my curiosity led me towards this amazing sub-specialty within my field.  

I am passionate about helping women restore themselves, feel heard, and feel confident moving again. Whether it is during the child bearing years, or at another time in their lives.

Pelvic Floor Muscles are part of the deep core and help with stability, strength, lymphatic function, and bowel and bladder.
Woman Stretching

Begin to live with more comfort.

It's HARD to find a good pelvic floor therapist with experience and patient success stories. She has them both.

- Erika H.

Just one visit weekly with Rachel over the course of my pregnancy has completely alleviated my symptoms...

- Tammy D.

I owe much of my current fitness, health, physical recovery, and mental peace to Rachel's compassionate care.

- Cate N.

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What should I expect at my first session?

Your evaluation and each treatment will always be one on one with me, Dr. Rachel.  I provide a comfortable, quiet, and safe place knowing pelvic health is personal and emotional. 


My job is to hear your story, your concerns, and then assess through an evaluation how to help you return to the life you want. Core Elements is an Out -Of Network Provider, and does not work directly with Insurance companies 

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4830 31st Street South, Suite B, 

Arlington, VA 22206


Phone: 703-509-2699

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