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Meet some of my patients.

“...I finally feel like my body is functioning the way it is supposed to.  [Rachel] has a very positive attitude and an almost caring and motherly spirit. She has helped me to pinpoint what has triggered my issues with my pelvic floor (which I've previously been trying to resolve for over two years)... After a few months, I'm finally weening off my medication (with the help and encouragement of Rachel) and I have a deeper understanding of my body and strategies to help. She has helped me more than any other gastroenterologist, holistic therapist, and chiropractor... [Rachel] will be your PT, supportive listener, and a flexible problem solver.


It's HARD to find a good pelvic floor therapist with experience and patient success stories. She has them both.”

- Erika H.

"Rachel provided me with relief after just one visit. In my first pregnancy I developed severe problems with my SI and weakening of pelvic floor. I saw 2 physical therapists, 1 chiropractor and 1 prenatal massage therapist over the course of 18 months and found little relief. Now during my second pregnancy, the same issues are reoccurring.  Just one visit weekly with Rachel over the course of my pregnancy has completely alleviated my symptoms, deepened my understanding of the changes my body is going through as well as taught me the proper technique to do the strengthening exercises at home on my own...


My treatment is almost over and I can honestly say I will miss Rachel and our sessions."

- Tammie D.


"...Dr. Rachel Aronson is excellent. After my first baby, delivered by C-section last year, I began learning and searching about the imperative recovery many of us moms need to truly heal from the inside out. This search led me to Core Elements Physical Therapy, and I have been so happy with my experience. Rachel is a kind, nurturing and intelligent PT who takes the time to listen to and understand issues and ailments in order to provide effective resolutions. She has helped me regain my core, and subsequently start  "getting my body back," returning to a great level of fitness by allowing me to safely focus on my preferred main exercise, running. I know she would be helpful for various physical therapy needs, and have recommended her to both new moms as well as others....


I owe much of my current fitness, health, physical recovery, and mental peace to Rachel's compassionate care. If you are need of an extra hand in recovering, be it from any type of childbirth or sports injury, I highly recommend Core Elements!"

- Cate N.

"Rachel is nothing short of amazing. I experienced a traumatic event 10 years ago, and in the decade since, I was unable to tolerate any kind of pelvic exam. The slightest touch felt excruciating... Pelvic pain was a part of life I tried to ignore, but something I wanted to try to address.  I clicked with Rachel immediately. She is wonderful to talk to, incredibly knowledgeable, and has patience, compassion, and kindness in abundance. She really took the time to understand my background, and explain the anatomy in that area and how everything interacted...


[Rachel] really tailored our sessions to go at my pace, and I never felt rushed to move into internal exams. When I did feel ready, I was astounded by the progress we were making - not only could I tolerate internal work, but a lot of it was no longer painful. If/when I did get tense, she was great at helping identify the group of muscles to relax... The reason I'm writing all of this in the past tense is because yesterday, I had my first-ever successful GYN exam. There was only some small discomfort with the speculum, but the rest went smoothly and painlessly.  Even the doctor was amazed at how well it went, and said she wanted to recommend Core Elements to other patients!


I cannot thank Rachel enough. I spent 10 years feeling completely disconnected from that entire area of my body, and now I feel integrated, whole, and incredibly happy. If you have experienced any kind of trauma in that area, and are looking for a PT to journey with you on your path to healing, I pray you'll pick up the phone and call Rachel."

- Kayla H.

"I cannot begin to say enough positive things about Rachel and Core Elements. Being a young woman going in for [Women's Health Physical Therapy], I was hesitant to say the least. I found Rachel via Yelp (yay yelp) and after one phone call I felt much more comfortable about going in.

My first appointment with her went flawlessly and she is so knowledgeable that I couldn't believe how comfortable I felt. Every appointment we have I can actually feel myself getting better. I'm so grateful for Rachel and her skills, she genuinely cares about her patients and is an excellent therapist. I'll be sad when our sessions end. I recommend her 100%."

- Victoria B.

Dr. Rachel has been so great to work with after the birth of my third baby. I'm so thankful I found her! She's easy to talk to and a great listener, and really takes her time explaining what we're working on in ways that I can understand. She has instilled a lot of confidence and knowledge in me and has helped me so much as I work toward regaining my health. I actually feel like I'll be better off than I was before as I see results.

I felt like it was difficult to find a physical therapist that cared about women's health issues like pelvic floor prolapse, but she specializes in it (women's health). I highly recommend working with her!

- Jen R.

I am so grateful that I found Rachel to help with my C-section recovery. I had no idea how important proactive rehabilitation was after abdominal surgery until I started having hip and lower back pain months after my son's birth. Rachel has taken the time to educate me and her knowledge is incredible. She has been kind and patient working with me to get me back on a path to optimal health. I would strongly recommend scheduling a consultation with her early in post-partum recovery. It was such a great decision and I wish I found her sooner.

- Katie J.

Rachel is by far the best physical therapist around.  I found Core Elements/Rachel back in May 2016, I was treated here for a few visits. Due to my work schedule and the office hours I transferred to another pelvic floor clinic closer to my house in Rockville area. In November,  I returned to Rachel for continued care because my pain was still bad.

My return to Core Elements PT was a wise decision,  [Rachel] nailed my pain source during the first session. I noted great progress after my second week with her. Rachel is a wonderful professional, great listener, expert clinical skills for diagnosis areas to address, creative,  patient focus and caring.

Rachel has helped me more relieve my low back and pelvic pain more than any other physical therapist I have seen over the past year...Being treated by her had decreased my pain to unimaginable levels. I am so grateful that I found this practice.

- Emily S.

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