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Why I chose to help heal others...

Do you believe in fate? Maybe coincidence? I think we're meant to be where we are when we are. Physical Therapy found me, I didn't find it. You know how when something really crappy happens, you spend time feeling sorry for yourself. Grieving the possibilities of "what if I would have done it this way, instead of that way..."

I've always loved movement. I lived for it in the past, and in fact still do. It's everything. It gives me energy, feeling, challenge, anchors me. It relaxes me, soothes me, encases me, and connects me back to what matters. It tethers me and is familiar. Without it I wouldn't be authentic. And most of all it heals me. Who gets that?

Healing from the crappy day you had, healing from the mean look someone gave you, healing from a fight with your spouse, or healing from deeper less superficial wounds that aren't visible to others. Or, literally, healing your hip as a result of injury. Your pelvic floor as a result of a traumatic, or non-traumatic birthing experience. Whatever may be catching your attention today, healing although universal, is hard. Usually harder than we want it to be. Asking for more attention than we want to give it. More priority than we think it deserves.

When you choose a person to align yourself with to help YOU heal, how do you decide who that is? What makes you comfortable when you're at your most vulnerable? How can you truly expose yourself?

Here's my answer as a result of my own journey, it's simple really. You go where you can feel heard, related to, supported, validated, and lifted. Hope, hope does alot. Our body hears what we choose to tell it. I get to be the facilitator sending you along a path, helping you choose a direction. Giving hope, validation, acceptance. I help heal others because it heals me, I give in order to move others forward so they can in turn give forward.


What qualities are important to you in a healer? How have your experiences shaped what you are looking for in a healer?

Comment below and share.

Rachel Aronson, DPT, PT, owner of Core Elements Physical Therapy, specializes in Women's Health and Orthopedics, validating one patient at a time along their healing journey. After receiving her Doctorate from Duke University in 2005, she brings 15+ years of experience in delivering care via a compassionate, kind, and calm expertise. She works with women helping them replete, restore, and thrive by using holistic hands on treatment, movement training, and functional strengthening. Empowering patients to regain hope and ditch fear! When you're ready to begin your rehabilitative journey she's your guide.

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