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Coronovirus Update

I hope this post finds everyone staying safe and healthy as we all try to cope with the challenges of Covid-19.  This past week I continued to see patients, although approx 60% cancelled.  Stepping up sterilization and cleaning, and continued vigilance with hand washing has ensured that we are all following guidelines put in place.  I like many of you, are taking this day by day. I'm prepared to suspend in person visits and move strictly to Telehealth if things feel increasingly concerning.  I am following State and Federal recommendations to help me weigh that difficult decision, knowing that ultimately safety and leadership come first.  VIRTUAL TELEHEALTH SESSIONS NOW BEING OFFERED!!! As a way to accommodate patients I have added a Virtual Teleheath Session as an online booking option.  My hope is that current patients can have a more comfortable option to stay connected to their care, and have less disruption to any progress they are making.  Although, much of the care delivered is Manual Hands On, there is great value in education, consultation, exercise management/prescription. In addition, Virtual Sessions will allow for movement assessment/observation and teaching some self treatment strategies.  I am hopeful that these sessions can be meaningful and productive.  You can choose from a 30 minute or 55 minute session.  Booking is now live on the website.  Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions, or if you're wondering if it's a good fit! In the meantime, I will continue to post updates on my Facebook and Insta pages.  Please check there, or send me an email! I would love to hear how people are doing! I miss seeing all you awesome people already, but know we will all be stronger on the other side! Together we will get through this!!

With Health, Dr. Rachel

Rachel Aronson, DPT, PT, owner of Core Elements Physical Therapy, specializes in Women's Health and Orthopedics, validating one patient at a time along their healing journey. After receiving her Doctorate from Duke University in 2005, she brings 15+ years of experience in delivering care via a compassionate, kind, and calm expertise. She works with women helping them restore and thrive by using holistic hands on treatment, movement training, and functional strengthening. Empowering patients to regain hope and ditch fear! When you're ready to begin your rehabilitative journey she's your guide.

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