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April Reflections and Telehealth Explained!

How is everyone holding up? I hope that during this tough and unclear time all of you are finding some positives and comforts despite navigating the unknowns. Locally in my own neighborhood, it’s been amazing seeing neighbors step up and offer help to those who need it most. One actionable step for me this week was donating food to the Arlington County Schools, making sure that the kids that rely on school meals aren’t going hungry! All of us feel better, and do better when we get outside ourselves and our own stresses :)


As of now Core Elements remains closed for in-person Sessions. I plan at this point to be closed thru April, with the hopes of re-visiting what’s possible for May 1. We’re all in this together, I miss seeing all my awesome patients face to face, but know we will all be working together soon! On that note, here’s a little update on Telehealth for those of you that are maybe on the fence or uncertain what a Telehealth Session would offer. Here are a couple common examples of diagnoses treated at Core Elements and patient cases that used Virtual Sessions to continue their care, as well as one example of a situation when a new patient had a new issue that needed Evaluation.

Patient A - Case 1 Pelvic Pain

Consulting and collaborating about current symptoms and activity modification since being home bound. Chatted for a few minutes! It’s nice to catch up with each other! Taught and reviewed the current home program and made various adjustments. Taught self release techniques, instructed patient in an active pelvic pain relief movement sequence and then recommended apps to aid in independent movement.

Patient B - Case 2 Postpartum Weakness

Consulting and collaborating about current symptoms and activity modification since being homebound. Patient had not been seen for 6 months since the birth of her second baby. She was having pain triggered with babywearing while walking! I was able to assess her baby wearing mechanics virtually, deliver cues to improve activation patterns that would allow for tolerating the demands she was dealing with better, and prescribe exercises to help specifically strengthen the muscles that would ultimately help her rebuild.

Patient C - Neck and back Pain - New Patient

Working from home was creating some new aches and pains as well as left some questions about desk ergonomics. I evaluated the patient’s neck and mid back pain, taught some self treatment neck traction strategies, gave specific neck stretches and strengthening exercises, and we optimized her work station!

Telehealth Details -

These examples are just a few of the issues that we can Assess, Treat, and Relieve despite the limitation of Virtual Sessions. As you hunker down and do your best to avoid sickness and limit the spread, there's no reason to think you can't get good treatment and improvement of any pain you may be dealing with.

Actually, so many people are spending a lot more time on the couch binging Netflix and unable to go to the gym, which is the perfect recipe for those pesky old neck and back pain issues to creep back in! Or maybe you're working from home where you don't have the nice standing desk or comfy chair you normally use at the office?

Most pains that crop up at home are easy fixes that likely don't need much/any hands-on treatment to get significantly better! I am here to consult with and help you!

Telehealth Sessions are being offered in both 30 minute sessions for $75.00 and 55 minute sessions for $125.00. New Cases are recommended to book the 55 Minute Session. I hope to see many of you for some sessions, or even a check in this coming month! Don’t be a stranger!

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